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The aim is to put you in contact with professional agents in your area with a proven track record of offering excellent service to their clients.

It usually takes a while to decide to sell your property, but once that decision is made it leads to the next step of choosing the right real estate agent. Someone who will take good care in marketing your most valuable asset as well as giving you valuable advice and feedback during the sales process. It’s safe to say that we all want to sell our property for the highest amount in the shortest time possible and we are here to help.

In an industry saturated with numerous real estate companies who all basically promise the same service standards, we aim to put you in contact with the right individual who will ensure a hassle-free process.

Your information is handled confidentially and won’t be sold to third parties.

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Should I sell my house before I buy?

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An interesting article on one of the most common questions I receive from my clients

by Leandré, 2 Jan 2017

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How to choose a Great Estate Agent

Tips and Advice

Let’s face it- selling your house is not an easy decision. But what makes that decision even harder, is choosing the right agent to help you do so. Most people don’t sell property on a regular basis, and might find value in an up to date list of changes and trends in the property industry. The following points could also help in finding the right agent

by Leandré, 27 Dec 2016

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